We realise that there are many people these days that are struggling with money, perhaps more now than there has been a for a long time. This is why we wanted to help and we have therefore put together a website with information on that we think can help. This will hopefully be particularly useful for those people that have not had much help with finance before. Many of us had no teaching in school or from our parents about money and have had to guess and muddle our way. This means that it is easy to make mistakes and to not even realise that there are different ways of doing things. We hope that our website will help to change this with people being taught new things and methods which will help them to be more in control of their money. We admit that it is not easy to get more money, but if we can manage the money that we have, then we will feel much better and we hope the information here will enable people to do this. We have tried hard to keep it relevant and easy to understand so lots of people will benefit from it.